14th April 2022
Aaran Vijay running FOX Ultra-marathon

Aaran Vijaykumaran completes extraordinary 62km FOX Ultra-marathon for Smiles With Grace

Pushing his body to extreme limits, Aaran Vijaykumaran has completed a remarkable 62 kilometre run for Smiles With Grace, so far raising almost £500. The incredible feat is made more impressive by the fact that, just days before the race, he was advised by his team to pull out due […]
1st September 2019

Mark takes the ultimate cut in Grace’s memory

******* Mark had never met Grace but when he heard about her story and the wonderful work that Smiles with Grace does, he wanted to contribute. Being a bit precious about his hair, he thought shaving it off would be the thing to do, raising over £1,000 in the process. […]
16th May 2019

Smiles Study update May 2019

Here is the latest positive update on the Smiles Study form UCH/GOSH; Very excitingly the results of the whole genome sequencing has highlighted some really interesting candidate genes that we are looking into in more detail. The two genes that we were most interested in (and had been published by […]
23rd January 2019

Buy on Amazon and help Smiles

We have joined up with Amazon’s campaign to help charities. For any purchase you make on Amazon they will donate 0.5% to Smiles. Either simply go to SmilesAmazon when making a purchase or follow this link: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/ch/1142330-0
23rd January 2019

Thank you Eleanor Laing MP

************************** Eleanor Laing MP and Deputy Speaker kindly supported Smiles on her Christmas card. Eleanor was extremely supportive during Grace’s final years and we thank her for this. The card raised £250 for the charity. Thank you to Eleanor and her staff. ***********************
11th January 2019

Smiles Study Update January 2019

***************** Smiles is working on a couple of ground breaking studies with Professor Andy Copp at the Institute of Child Health at UCL and Dominic Thompson at Great Ormond Street. Dominic was Grace’s Neuro-Surgeon. Throughout the web site you will find progress reports, together with a report from one of […]
5th September 2018


A belated thanks to Jordan, one of our wonderful Patrons for shaving his head and raising thousands of pounds in the middle of the Beast from the East!
29th August 2018

Smiles Study update August 2018

Here is the latest update from The Institute of Children’s Health and Great Ormond Street: We have collected samples from our two families with lipomas and the DNA sequencing should be complete next week. We will then have 20,000 genes to review to see if we can find the gene […]
8th May 2018

September 2011

THE INAUGURAL WALK – SATURDAY 3RD SEPTEMBER 2011 The first 18km walk from Buckhurst Hill to Great Ormond Street Hospital; on a wonderfully warm and sunny day, 80 people took part. Included were friends and teachers from Chigwell School; teachers from Woodford Green Prep School, Bankers (boo, hiss!), friends from […]