Smiles with Grace celebrates its 10-Year anniversary with a further significant £74k sponsorship at GOSH over 10 years

Tom Bromwich dropped off Smiles With Grace Christmas cards at Cards for Good Causes
‘Smiles With Grace’ Christmas Cards and ‘Cards for Good Causes’
16th October 2020
Smiles With Grace to sponsor GOSH’s ground-breaking research into encephalocele
20th February 2022

Founded by Grace Boxall, Smiles with Grace celebrates its 10 year anniversary.

It’s been 10 years since Grace Boxall founded Smiles with Grace, with the aim to support projects to help sick children throughout England and Wales.

Back in 2011, the charity hosted its inaugural event, a walk from Grace’s home to Great Ormond Street Hospital, which raised over £10,000. 

Since then, Smiles has hosted an array of incredible fundraisers; from gala concerts, to sponsored walks, raising a total of £180,000 for the charity. And some of our wonderful supporters and patrons have also generously set up their own fundraising events.

Our most recent fundraiser, a 10k sponsored walk near Butlers Retreat in Chingford on 7th August, has now raised almost £2,500

The event was a fantastic opportunity to raise funds for Grace’s neurosurgeon, Dominic Thompson, who is carrying out research into encephalocele, a rare, yet serious birth defect.

We are investing £74,261 to be the sole supporter of:  ‘Encephalocele: a combined experimental and clinical study of its development and prevention’. This is a serious condition in which part of the brain develops outside the skull, and often becomes damaged. It can lead to disability or death. The study is over two years and is a joint collaboration between Professor Andy Copp at The Institute for Children’s Health and Dominic at Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Smiles with Grace continues to sponsor a collaborative project between Great Ormond Street Hospital and the Institute of Child Research to develop a bio-marker for spinal lipoma – a debilitating condition where the spinal cord fails to close properly during development.

As Smiles with Grace reaches this remarkable milestone, we would like to thank you, wholeheartedly, for all the love and support you have given the charity over the years. We hope the next decade of fundraising events and research are as successful and as groundbreaking as the last, continuing Grace’s legacy.