Positive news for Smiles Study

8th May 2018
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8th May 2018

October 2016

We have received a further update on the Smiles Study from Vicky Jones at the Institute of Child Health and it’s a positive one:

We now have our dates set to run the first CSF samples from the symptomatic lipoma patients along with paired samples from patients that do not have a lipoma but are undergoing similar surgery but for other reasons – as you can imagine these children have been rather difficult to find! We have managed to make contact with a group in Cardiff who have significant experience in lipidomics who will help us run these first sets of samples so I’m hoping that we might have some preliminary results by the end of the month.

I will keep with up to date with any significant results

Vicky Jones, 4th October 2016

As Vicky says, we will keep you updated.