Trustees Report 2012/13
8th May 2018
Thank you
8th May 2018

Exciting news; we are announcing our first Patrons. These are very special people who will ensure that, along with the Trustees, Smiles will grow and grow and that Grace’s legacy and memory will be maintained. These wonderful people are:

Hana Edwards, Jessica Lester, Emma Tilbrook, Alana Bentley, Lydia Colman, Rhea Gupta, Rhea Patel, Meha Valera, Lakshi Pathamascaran, Eron Taylor, Alisha Evans, Odette Clark, Emma Jackson, Lara Hobbis, Jordan Stack & Max Albert.

A big thank you to all of them.

July 2014: Femi Fanibi & Jusden Halibi have accepted our invitation to join the Patrons, thank you to both of them.

January 2015: We are delighted to announce that Barney Walsh has accepted our invitation to join our Patrons.

Apologies for being a bit sluggish with this, but we are delighted to announce that Tamara Paul, Maddie Lovett and Tom Bromwich have over the past couple of years or so accepted our invitation to become Patrons. They have all worked hard for the Charity and will ensure that Grace’s legacy is continued at Chigwell School.

We wish all those moving on much success with what they have chosen for the forthcoming year and look froward to them spreading the word throughout the country.

Our Patrons have made a magnificent contribution over the past few years…Thank you.