Jolie swims the Atlantic for Smiles!

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8th May 2018
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8th May 2018

Jolie Littlejohns, Grace’s cousin and God-daughter has pulled off another fantastic effort for Smiles.

Now back in the States, Jolie briefly attended Godolphin School in Wiltshire. Whilst there she persuaded the school to support the charity. On returning to the USA at Christmas Jolie ensured that the sponsored swim she had organized continued and arranged to complete it locally across the pond.

Over £1,500 was raised by the school as Jolie was completing over 80 lengths herself. The 69 girls at the school in Salisbury swum 133750 metres, which equates to 5350 lengths or 83.5 miles; the equivalent to swimming the Channel four times; worn out just thinking about it.

A huge thank you to Jolie and all at Godolphin School.